Dear Financial Freedom Seeker,
Have you wondered if you can ever break the chains of being slave to your money, get out of the downward spiral trap of accumulating debts, and not just get by life with monthly paycheck after paycheck?
If you have answered YES, then it is time to take back control of your financial destiny and start creating the abundant life that you have always dreamt of living, without money being an obstacle in the choices you make for yourself and your loved ones.
“Money is for making things happen.” – Richard Branson
From The Desk of Terence Tan

Dear Friends,

My name is Terence, and if you had told me, that I could ‘retire’ and live out my dream lifestyle before the age of 40, I would have thought it to be a joke.

In all honesty, I am grateful to be living my dream lifestyle, which I like to call the “IMPossible Lifestyle” because I-AM-Possible! This is the lifestyle where I am financially free, am able to make money work for me while I get to spend more time with my family – my lovely wife and 2 daughters.

And this is all made possible because I discovered the true secret of making my money work harder for me, which lies in the world of investing in the stock market.

This is NOT a workshop on getting rich quick. There are NO generic theories that contain fluff, with No quality content.

This workshop contains tested and proven methods that have worked for years on end.
These same methods have helped me and my graduates generate profitable, low-risk trades that have added to our financial and lifestyle goals.


Would increasing the consistency of profitable investments in the market be ideal for my investment strategies


The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Are:

Arthur Tan
“I was having difficulty selecting stocks and dealing with market fluctuations. Most of the time, I would lose my accumulated earnings and more. I was always in a dilemma, not knowing when to cut my losses or to hold a position. This course eliminated such difficulties and I was even getting more income when holding a position.
After a year of guidance and coaching by Terence, my profits provided to be consistent, even when the market crashed. The year-long coaching helped me understand the importance of consistency, and I now never have to cut losses or invest in lower capital. This actually gave me the confidence to invest more money and maintain decent ROI, supporting my daily expenses. This course also reduced the time I spent monitoring stocks.
My ROI is up to 30% so far, and I am very happy with such figures!”
Daryl Tay
“One of my biggest difficulties was to scale up my ROI on a regular basis, without taking on more risk. My annual ROI was around 3% to 4%. After the course, I am more comfortable with handling my financial journey. What’s great is that I’m no longer at the mercy of the market or what “experts” are saying! It took me less than 4 months after the course to get familiar with the methodology.
In 2014, my ROI shot up to around 30% to 40% per annum.   As an experienced trader, I like how this course doesn’t make ridiculous promises about high profits and instead, focuses on ways to reduce risk (which is just as, if not more important!). I found it easy to pick up on the core concepts and the 12 month coaching period was very helpful in making my trades a success”



As an experienced investor in the stock market, am I looking to reduce the risk and increase the returns of EVERY trade I make?
Being completely new to the world of trading and investing, would it be possible to avoid heavy losses due to inexperienced trades in the market?


Here are some people who have experienced similar difficulties, but have changed their financial blueprint since graduating from our programme:
P.S. Know someone with similar financial struggles as you? Bring him or her along and receive a free gift from us, as a token of appreciation.
Remember that we don’t just promise profits, we deliver them consistently!
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Regardless of whether your dream lifestyle is about taking your family on vacation to the mountainous ski slopes in the French Alps to experience snow, pursuing a passionate hobby like fishing in the deep seas of the Caribbean waters, or simply to have the ability to retire comfortably in old age; all these require money to make them happen.
By now, you should know that holding onto a 9-5 job alone will neither guarantee your financial security nor bring you closer to your bigger dreams in life, because you will always be vulnerable to the external ups and downs of the economy and job market.
And, you have also probably realized that INVESTING IN THE STOCK MARKET is one of the best ways you can make your money work for you instead of vice versa (which is why you are reading this page), and grow your wealth so that you can achieve your goal of financial freedom faster.
What if you can NOW learn from a mentor who has walked this path and achieved his own financial freedom, while still consistently generating steady and consistent profits through his time-tested methods, regardless of whether the market is up or down?
Considering the funds I have, what lifestyle possibilities can I open up with highly profitable investments?


Are you tired of get rich quick promises that never deliver results?




Alan & Doreen Toh
Full-Time Investors

We have always wanted to do investment/ trading full-time, but we could not find any suitable and safe methods. The courses I’ve attended previously were not easy to implement and also lacked in providing follow up support. We would have to make a purchase before making any money. Whereas for IMP, we have a dedicated investment coach, Terence Tan, who hand-holds us through 12 months AFTER the course ends. Furthermore, we collect money upfront from the trades!

After attending the IMP course, we finally found a reliable and safe trading methodology that enable us to get into full-time trading with confidence. It took about 6 months for us to build our confidence before going full-time, and the returns we’re facing are remarkable. To date, we’re seeing 20% ROI per annum and are working to increasing it further. What we love about this methodology is that we can repair trades that go wrong, while still profiting from them!"
Chang Hian Twan
27, Chemist
"Before attending IMP, I have almost ZERO knowledge on investment/ trading. I basically wanted to start managing my money and attended a few forex seminars, but they seemed full of strategies so complicated that I didn’t know how to get started. After attending IMP, I’m finally using my money to make more money. My money really started to grow after 3 months into IMP training. My ROI is currently 24% per annum and the strategies taught are clear, precise, simple and most importantly, presented in a step-by-step manner.
The strategies are very safe due to the nature of the stocks we trade and it suits my conservative personality when it comes to investment. I hardly spend much time observing the stock market each week, yet I’m consistently making profits. I love how simple and secure the strategies are..


Here is what our graduates have to say, after enjoying low-risk and consistent profits after attending the Income Investing Programme:
Tan Sze Chia
42, Director
“This course allowed me to generate an additional income stream, with the profits covering all my living expenses! Previously, it was very hard to find an investment tool with minimum risk and time involvement, while still generating consistent profits.
  I’ve seen profits immediately after the course, and am seeing 35% ROI per annum after just 1 year of trading. This is the only stocks-related course I’ve attended, and tools like the trade alert and group learning make it easier than expected. Thank you for making it so easy.”
I’ve seen enough; I want to reserve my free seat now!
CAUTION: This workshop may not be suitable for everyone, because I will be fearlessly debunking many limiting myths out there about investing in the stock market that could actually be the BIGGEST roadblocks on your uphill journey towards financial freedom and wealth creation, which you don’t even realize…
Some of these limiting
myths include:


Are You Settling For Less Than What You Deserve In Your Investment Returns?

Perhaps you have been stuck being too comfortable with low-risk types of investments and are happy to just rake in around 8%-10% profits per annum; then be forewarned that this workshop will blow your mind away and shake your whole idea of what wealth creation really looks like.

Learn How To Break Away From Limiting Myths And Boost Your Investment Returns

In my workshop, you will discover my tried-and-tested methodology of how to make your money work much harder for you so you can retire at your desired age…this is no joking matter at all…

By following my proven system, you can also achieve the ‘IMPossible Results”, just like what my students have achieved for themselves.

On average, most of my students generate about 30% returns ROI per annum.

Better still, I also have students who have generated about 50%-60% ROI per annum on their investments.

So YES, it is absolutely possible!*

It may sound unbelievable and scary to know the fact that you could be TRIPLING the profits you are getting right now through your investments, especially when you are clueless about investing in the stock market, or when you have already been investing in blue chips but just seem to have more losses than wins every time…no matter how hard you try…


Investing in bonds and fixed deposits are the best ways to build your wealth because of the low risks


Investing in properties is the safest way to make profits and grow your money


You can’t grow your wealth with other types of investments like FX, futures or stocks because they are too risky and difficult

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Date: 3 August 2017 (Thursday)

Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm 

Venue: Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya, Level 3, Kuala Lumpur

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The mindset that successful investors and the wealthy have
How to create a financial blueprint that works for YOU
How to profit even when trades go wrong

Repair trades that go bad

Uncover the principles of income investing in bearish and bullish markets

How to collect payments all-year-round from stocks NOW

How to filter the right stocks for you in less than 15 mins!

Creating multiple streams of income with stocks

Never, ever pay market price for stocks again – ever!

Maureen Lian
48, Project Manager
“I started out with very minimal knowledge and experience about the stock exchange. After attending the course, I managed to improve my investment income for retirement plans. I achieved 16.71% ROI per annum in only 3 months (May-Jul) and 22.38% ROI per annum in 8 months (May-Dec) after completing the course.
I love how the support team is sincere, realistic and provides detailed guidance whenever needed. Aspects like the strategies, tools, techniques, forum and monthly gathering really made this course easy to follow and implement.”
Yes, you can now build yourself a profitable winning portfolio, regardless of whether the stock market is up or down! With a solid track record of 223 wins out of 225 live completed trades since March 2013 - an accuracy of 98% based on my live trade records with my community, here is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the cream of the crop in investment trading.*

Results With Ordinary People

This workshop will cover the following:

What Our Graduates Say

You just have to step outside of your comfort zone and follow my system.


With my investing experience and dedicated coaching, you will get where you want to be, financially. But remember, this is not for everyone because…there are pre-requisites for the students that I take in.


As my student, what I really need from you is 100% Accountability


You need to take charge of your own money and be fully responsible for your financial wealth. I can guide and navigate you around the potential pitfalls that you may encounter along your investing journey so you can avoid them and not waste time making the same mistakes I did when I first started. However, you still need to be the one walking the path because this is your own financial journey after all. And this requires your commitment and endurance…seriously.


When it comes to dedication and commitment, there is no better person than myself, who can be testament that these are the traits you need to succeed in achieving any goal in life.


As a 6-time SEA water polo gold medalist, it was no matter of a stroke of lady luck that granted me the accolades, but sheer hard work, dedication, commitment and endurance in my trainings, day after day.


Similarly, in the world of investing, you need to apply consistent efforts to see sustainable results in achieving your financial goals. There is no shortcut.

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Want To Learn How To Trade The Stock Market Like A Pro & Make Consistent Profits All The Time?

I have applied the same methodology that brought me fame and success in my sport, into my investing strategy and it has proven successful. Throughout 16 years of my trading experience, I have achieved an accuracy rate of 98%. Since March 2013, I have also garnered 223 wins out of 225 live completed trades (fully verifiable).


So, if you are ready to learn new and profitable ways of investing in the stock market, come and spend an evening with me to start building real wealth for yourself!

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Dates: 1) 26th April 2016

          2) 3rd May 2016

Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm 

Venue: 9 Penang Road, Park Mall, #13-17, S238459

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How Can I Help You?

As a renowned investment trainer, educator and investor, I coached and trained DBS Vickers (Singapore), lectured in Diploma in Wealth Management with ERC Institute and spoke at various events such as Invest Fair, Traders Wealth Summit and also I was also featured on Straits Times Singapore to share about my insights and tips on investing in the stock market.

As a dedicated investment trainer/coach, I have successfully mentored my community of students amassover USD$1,500,000 in profits.* This has positively impacted many students’ lives as a result of them achieving their financial goals.

The truth is, I do NOT know everything there is to know about investing. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know what he’s saying, because there are countless financial instruments out there and even more “strategies” to follow.

What I DO know is that I have 16 years of trading experience, and have consistently made highly profitable trades. I have made 223  wins out of 225  live completed trades since March 2013 with IMP. This equates to an accuracy of 98%. One thing I can assure you is that I don’t depend on luck.

Thus, if you are ready to learn how to achieve more WINS in the stock market or simply just want to start investing for a more secured financial future, I am 100% committed to your success on this amazing journey.

Having been a serial stock market investor with 16 years of trading experience, I have been through all the pitfalls and learnt the methods that work and those that don’t. Thus, I know exactly how it feels to hit a roadblock in your trades but not knowing what to do to turn it around into a winning trade for yourself.

I have also helped many individuals create investment portfolio returns of over 30% per annum and I'm also currently managing a private fund of over 3 million dollars. Till date, I've also  made223 winning trades out of 225 issued live trade since March 2013 with IMP - an accuracy of 98% based on my live trade records with my community!

 With my firm belief that everyone from all walks of life, including you, can achieve your own “IMPossible (I-Am-Possible) Lifestyle”, I have also dedicated my time to imparting my knowledge to help those who want to achieve more winning trades in their investment portfolio.

Through a proven system that I have created, I can help you achieve your financial goals – regardless of whether you are an investment newbie or perhaps, a seasoned trader who has been falling short of beating the stock market at its game.

Learn how to select the right stocks and deal with market fluctuations


Master the secrets of fixing bad trades and transform them into wins


Become financially savvy in making your money work harder for you


Form positive mindset about wealth creation through the stock market


Reach your financial goals with 100% dedicated investment coaching


Build yourself a winning portfolio regardless of volatility of stock market


The truth is, making money is simple.

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We've mentored over 300 graduates across Asia and create profit milestones of over USD$1,500,000 with our IMPossible Community over the last 3 years!

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